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Dec 18, 2016

What's this? A podcast?? That's right! We're coming back from Holiday Matsuri 2016 this weekend and decided to take the hour car ride and turn it into a podcast where we slightly recap the convention and our activities there, and then jump into a discussion of some shows we've been watching recently. We've got a lot of exciting content coming up very soon on Youtube so make sure to follow the links below and keep an eye out!






Oct 24, 2016

We're back with tons of huge industry news and huge impressions of the fall season! It's going to be the greatest just ask anyone. Absolutely terrific episode like you've never seen or heard before. Big League stuff. Opening song is Amigo Amigo by the Condor Queens, closing is Jigen X e Youkoso by Etsuko Yakushimaru.


00:02:08 News

00:02:15 LeSean Thomas and Crunchyroll work together to announced Children of Ether CORRECTION: Yapiko Animation is a French animation studio
00:07:47 Little Witch Academia teaser, names, and dates
00:11:15 Japanese lawyer on anime and minimum wage
00:17:10 Eir Aoi to go on hiatus
00:19:45 Recent losses of life in the industry
00:26:05 Ronja the Robber's Daughter to be on Amazon
00:28:01 J-Novel Club subscription service for light novels opens
00:33:31 Shelter
00:39:45 Dragonball Super finally makes its way Westward
00:42:00 Full Metal Panic's 4th season announced for Fall
00:42:55 Voice Actor's Guild strike

00:48:55 Anime

00:49:20 Scorching Ping Pong Girls
00:51:20 Stella no Mahou
00:53:05 Trickster
00:55:35 Soushin Shoujo Matoi
00:56:55 Natsume Yuujinchou Go
00:57:35 Hibike Euphonium
01:05:45 Cheating Craft
01:06:50 Yuri!! on Ice
01:20:20 Gi(a)rlish Number
01:23:35 Flip Flappers
01:32:30 All Out
01:36:40 Keijo!!!!!!!!
01:41:10 Haikyu S3
01:42:27 Drifters
01:47:34 Wixoss
01:51:35 ClassicaLoid
01:53:20 BBK/BRNK
01:56:00 Magical Girl Raising Project
02:00:04 Tiger Mask W
02:03:40 Occultic;Nine
02:06:50 March Comes in Like a Lion
02:13:44 Poco's Udon World
02:14:13 Longriders
02:16:10 Izetta
02:25:09 IBO
02:29:50 Show By Rock!! 2
02:31:24 The Great Passage
02:32:11 Magic-kyun Renaissance

Oct 4, 2016

It's that time of year again, as we sit down and take a look at our picks for the very best of Summer 2016. Stay tuned till the end for a very special surprise!

Check out the (highly-suggested) video version of this podcast HERE



Sep 20, 2016

Watch the highly-suggested video version of this podcast HERE

It's that time of year again! It's time for us to give you our top 11 picks for shows that we are most interested in for next season, Fall 2016.


01:50 ALL OUT!!

09:30 March Comes in Like a Lion

15:07 ClassicaLoid

21:46 Flip Flappers

27:26 Keijo!!!!!!!!

30:44 Long Riders!

35:51 Magical Girl Raising Project

41:54 Occultic;Nine

47:27 Izetta, the Last Witch / Shuumatsu no Izetta

53:50 Yuri!! on ICE 

1:01:47 DRIFTERS

1:07:51 Brief discussions of other shows / sequels






Sep 11, 2016

Back in February we bought a bunch of vintage anime records at Mandarake Complex in Shibuya, so let's take a little while to sit down and listen to what they are! Featuring selections from Cyborg 009, Urusei Yatsura and Space Battleship Yamato.

You can watch this video on YouTube HERE


Sep 10, 2016

Most of you have heard the news of Crunchyroll and Funimation forming a business partnership by now, but for those that haven't we sat down and took a comprehensive look at just what this means for us consumers in the anime industry, with a healthy side of speculation to boot. 

You can watch this episode on YouTube HERE


Sep 4, 2016

Heads up! You can watch this podcast on YouTube HERE

Hi everyone! Welcome to a very retro and jam-packed edition of the podcast. Today's par for the course as we run down some hot news before jumping into a very lengthy discussion of the season's currently running shows.

00:00 intro/what we been up to

5:10 News
5:10 Adult Swim hits the big 15 years
8:54 Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars' producer talks about the delay and re-broadcast
12:58 New Game H-doujin appears in shopping mall window
14:57 Cruel Angel's Thesis is *still* the most popular anime theme
18:12 Shin Godzilla gets US theater release
20:10 DOA:X3 gets a Keijo!!!!!!!! collab
22:45 Shinkai's new film "Your Name" is a great box office success/"Koe no Katachi" expectations
30:20 7-11 Aqours girl to get a figure by Alter

32:00 Anime

32:00 Love Live! Sunshine!!
44:15 91 Days
51:15 Qualidea Code
53:45 Dropped shows
58:45 Upcoming October shows
1:03:30 Shokugeki no Soma
1:07:45 Amanchu
1:11:25 Re:zero
1:19:30 Tales of Zestiria
1:28:00 Mob Pyscho 100
1:38:05 Sweetness and Lightning
1:39:45 New Game!
1:44:12 Alderamin

1:53:25 Outro


Aug 13, 2016

Drumroll please! Episode 31 has arrived! It's been over a month since we discussed news properly and what a long strange month it's been. Opening song is Inrush by Kenji Motherfucking Kawai and the ending is Supermoon by 65daysofstatic.

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:42 Fakku licenses coming of age manga by Attack on Titan assistant
00:07:45 Toho to release three more Cyborg 009 feature films
00:14:15 Gravity Rush 2 to be paired with OVA by Khara
00:16:25 Jun Maeda requires a heart transplant
00:18:20 Longriders cast, staff, and OP announcements
00:23:00 Khara set to do a 10 minute Patlabor reboot
00:31:40 Live-action Death Note cast announced
00:34:45 Skydance Television set to make a Sword Art Online live action
00:37:20 SAO light novels to return in 2017
00:38:35 Yuri on Ice info dump
00:44:10 Kirin teams up with TRIGGER for a commercial
00:45:10 TRIGGER throws up a mural at Shibuya Parco
00:46:30 Sailor Moon episode re-animated by Western fans
00:47:45 Lady Layton
00:49:55 Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu will premiere in January
00:51:00 WIT Studio teases that some Kabaneri deaths are not what they seem
00:54:20 A trailer for Yowamushi Pedal Spare Bike appears
00:56:50 Fathom Events to show Digimon Adventure Tri in over 400 US theaters
00:57:30 Funimation to bring Godzilla Resurgence to US theaters in December
01:00:48 Bubuki Buranki Season 2 big reveal
01:02:48 More composers join the cast of Classicaloid
01:05:25 Abandon Hope All Ye Who Watch


Listen to our podcast here:

Aug 1, 2016


Hey everyone! We're already to 30 episodes of the podcast, even though it's been a while since we've done one. That being said, we're dedicating the entire episode to giving our impressions on most of the shows from the Summer 2016 so far! As always, SPOILER WARNINGS IN EFFECT FOR ALL SUMMER 2016 SHOWS! Check out below for timestamps:

00:01:35 Love Live! Sunshine
00:12:48 Berserk
00:14:08 Re:LIFE
00:15:08 B-Project
00:16:40 DAYS
00:22:20 Thunderbolt Fantasy
00:22:47 Food Wars!/Shokugeki no Soma
00:25:02 Arslan Senki/The Heroic Legend of Arslan
00:27:57 orange
00:29:25 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable
00:32:46 Re:Zero
00:38:55 Sweetness and Lightning/Amaama to Inazuma
00:41:15 Amanchuu
00:43:54 New Game
00:48:12 Cheer Danshi/Cheer Boys
00:52:15 91days
00:55:18 Alderamin on the Sky
1:00:10 Battery
1:03:18 Tales of Zestiria the X
1:07:18 The Morose Mononokean
1:08:55 Mob Psycho 100
1:17:00 Ange Vierge
1:18:31 Fate/ kaleid liner Prisma Ilya 3rei!
1:19:28 This Art Club has a Problem!/Kono Bijutsubu
1:20:10 Qualidea Code
1:21:05 Rewrite
1:21:22 Taboo Tattoo
1:22:40 Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars
1:24:00 Time Travel Girl


Jul 9, 2016

Another three months has passed and in the world of anime that means countless worlds will be forgotten? Which ones did we think were memorable? Stay tuned!

00:00:30 Intro
00:01:26 Best Opening Theme
00:05:55 Best Ending Theme
00:08:50 Best OST
00:11:10 Best New Character (Male)
00:14:47 Best New Character (Female)
00:17:38 Best Writing
00:20:48 Best Art Direction
00:23:09 Best Voice Acting
00:26:35 Best Character Design
00:30:12 Best Direction
00:34:53 Best 3DCGI
00:36:53 Best Animation
00:41:22 Best Adaptation
00:44:40 Best Original
00:48:08 Best Show Overall
00:51:01 Honorable Mentions
00:55:38 Summer 2016 talk



Jun 22, 2016

Hi everyone! As much as we loved talking for three and a half hours at the onset of the spring anime season, we thought we'd try to keep things slightly more brief this time. And so here we are with Oh no, Anime!'s HOT TAKES for Summer 2016! As the name implies these are not necessarily the shows we're most excited for or are most anticipating (though there's some obvious overlap), but rather the shows that we think are the most 'interesting' with the information we have before the season begins proper. To see our thoughts on all of the Summer helpings please check out our blog post at

The opening song to this episode is Aqours☆HEROES by Aqours, the ending song is【Pa's Lam System × livetune】Like a Lady × Tell Your World by updy.

Intro 00:00

Amaama to Inazuma 02:35
Amanchu!! 06:17
Battery 09:47
Berserk 14:20
Cheer Danshi!! 19:42
Days 24:03
Love Live! Sunshine!! 27:56
Mahou Shoujo? Naria Girls 34:54
Mob Psycho 100 37:45
orange 43:04

Wrap-up 47:31



Listen to our podcast here:

Jun 9, 2016

Howdy! We're finally ready to release a new episode among our other stuff. Continuing from our last numbered episode we've got another episode of mostly free-wheeling and letting ourselves talk it out.

0:00:00 Intro

0:00:55 Oh no, Anime! News
0:05:32 Ibuki announced for SFV
0:07:55 Akiba's Beat and Fate/Extella announced/XSEED announces localization
0:12:15 Boom Boom Satellites announce the end
0:15:38 Mayu Tomita regains consciousness after stabbing
0:19:38 Read or Die light novel series set to return
0:22:20 Cardcaptor Sakura new anime announced

0:25:10 Letter from Brandon/Kiznaiver
0:40:35 Kabaneri
0:47:50 Re:Zero
0:51:50 Joker Game tease
0:52:10 Haifuri
0:56:35 Comedy in anime ft. Mayoiga
1:09:40 Girls und Panzer der Film

1:11:10 Overwatch skins problematic?
1:25:30 Top 5 Overwatch characters (definitive list, not subjective in the least)
1:29:50 Overwatch on tumblr is REALLY GOOD (#gremlin dva best tag)


Listen to our podcast here:

May 22, 2016

Hello everyone, it's episode 26 this time! Marc and Patrick discuss upcoming plans for Oh no Anime in the meatspace (convention panels!) along with some giant Anime Expo news good and bad along with a cool announcement by DeNA regarding a Fire Emblem mobile game! Also, anime. We talk about that too.

3:45 News
3:58 Anime Expo requires background checks
11:25 Don't worry Anime Expo's music guests make us forget the bad
23:01 DeNA/Nintendo announce a Fire Emblem mobage
25:45 Cancer sucks
26:30 Aniplex announces Erased and Doukyuusei dub
27:50 Iron Blooded Orphans on Adult Swim

28:40 Anime
28:50 Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
34:55 Ushio and Tora
40:12 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
43:55 Space Patrol Luluco
48:10 Joker Game
50:40 Haifuri
57:55 Asterisk War
59:30 Big Order
1:01:20 Kuromukuro

1:04:00 Other stuff... a lot of other stuff... but mostly Eurovision


Listen to our podcast here:

May 5, 2016

Hello, one and all! Welcome to episode not twenty-six! We do a whole bunch of news and even more anime, and even dare to disagree a bit! Our opening song is Wanna Dance! by Tomato n' Pine and our ending is Ai no Uta by Haruka Chisuga.

0:00 Intro

2:15 News
2:15 Crunchyroll and Loot Anime combine
4:59 Voice Actor and Choreographer Ken Maeda passes away at 44
7:20 Ajin second season announced
12:56 Under the Dog new PV
15:56 Clamp unveils details for new Cardcaptor manga series
17:45 Nintendo NX confirmed for March 17
20:45 Year anniversary of Oh no, Anime!?
21:25 AmiAmi opens a storefront in Akiba
23:30 Savage Garden hits collection to feature Josuke
25:30 Photo of Scarlet Johansson as the Major appears/yellowface in post production
35:10 Kantai Collection's may update brings the USS Iowa and Pola
37:27 Gundam Thunderbolt bluray release plans include English subs and dubs in Japan
41:25 Log Horizon's author Mamare Touno arrested for tax evasion
43:57 Arale from Dr. Slump to appear in Dragonball Super
45:19 KyoAni and the Japanese Red Cross slip up and announce Hibike! Euphonium season 2
46:50 Nier Automata information drop
51:00 Silent Mobius (1990 PC game by Gainax) to be remastered
54:20 2d market to bring Japanese doujinshi to the west translated and uncensored
1:02:20 Cutie Honey signed toilet auctioned off

1:06:50 Fan mail!

1:12:52 Anime
1:13:00 Bungou Stray Dogs
1:14:44 Ushio and Tora, Yu Yu Hakusho, dubs, and 90's shounen
1:20:20 Space Patrol Luluco
1:25:00 Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro
1:28:20 Tanaka-kun is Always Listless
1:30:00 flying witch
1:32:34 Twin Star Exorcists
1:33:26 Sansha Sanyou
1:34:30 Sakamoto desu ga
1:36:00 Re:Zero
1:39:28 Netoge Yome
1:39:57 The Lost Village
1:47:10 Macross Delta
1:47:30 Bakuon!!
1:48:05 Big Order
1:54:50 Asterisk War
1:55:50 Haifuri (Highschool Fleet)
2:02:10 Hundred
2:02:38 Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
2:08:08 Kiznaiver
2:14:21 Joker Game
2:19:20 Sailor Moon Crystal
2:26:06 Kumamiko
2:31:46 My Hero Academia
2:39:35 Kuromukuro
2:42:56 Jojo Part 4
2:48:35 Outro


Apr 16, 2016


Hi everyone! In this episode we answer a very important question: if a system makes a sound and there's no audio device plugged in to hear it, does it still make a sound? Unfortunately yes it does, so sorry about that! We also hit the 2016 Spring season running and give a run down of the first and second episodes of the vast majority of licensed anime this season. Full show notes with timestamps to come Saturday 4/16.

The opening song is "Butterfly" by Kouji Wada (you will be missed) and the ending is "KABANERI OF THE IRON FORTRESS" by EGOIST

00:00:45 News
00:01:54 Kouji Wada passes away
00:04:10 Kadokawa and Crunchyroll announce partnership
00:09:27 Koe no Katachi movie details
00:14:50 Akira and Vinland Saga new releases
00:17:38 Kuromukuro licensed by Netflix
00:23:30 AJIN available on Netflix
00:25:10 Ellen Baker-sensei

00:28:45 Fanmail

00:34:50 Anime
00:35:36 Bakuon!!
00:40:48 Sailor Moon Crystal S3
00:46:57 Joker Game
00:53:00 Bungou Stray Dogs
00:57:35 Twin Star Exorcists
00:59:50 Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
01:10:10 Sakamoto Desu ga? (Anne-Happy, Tanaka-kun is Always Listless)
01:16:00 Jojo pt 4
01:21:30 Mayoiga
01:27:15 Kiznaiver
01:34:06 Space Patrol Luluco
01:37:15 flying witch
01:40:00 Haifuri
01:54:20 My Hero Academia
02:01:20 Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro
02:03:35 Re:zero
02:06:30 Netoge Onna
02:09:50 Macross Delta
02:23:00 Sansha Sanyou

02:28:10 Outro


Apr 2, 2016

It's that time again! Winter anime has come to a close and we're dying to let you know our opinions! Check out the categories and timestamps below:

Best Opening Theme 3:30
Best Ending Theme 6:28
Best Original Soundtrack 11:45
Best New Character (Male) 16:41
Best New Character (Female) 22:02
Best Writing 32:00
Best Art Direction 39:07
Best Character Design 42:05
Best Voice Acting 48:04
Best Direction 55:50
Best 3DCGI 1:02:00
Best Animation 1:06:29
Best Adaptation 1:11:26
Best Original Anime 01:21:22
Best Show Overall (Marc) 01:31:55
Best Show Overall (Patrick) 01:42:00
Outro 01:54:40




Mar 20, 2016

Hi guys! This is our big one, our magnum opus, we can die happy now (you wish). It's also another video episode! You can check this same podcast visually right here on YouTube. We've gone through the list of upcoming anime and made a quite comprehensive guide to the 2016 spring anime season complete with key art and trailers! Here's a list with timestamps:

12-sai 00:03:30
Ace Attorney 00:05:39
Bakuon!! (trailer) 00:08:51
Big Order 00:11:55
Onigiri 00:13:43
My Hero Academia (trailer) 00:16:05
Shounen Maid 00:22:19
Bungou Stray Dogs (trailer) 00:24:11
Endride 00:27:35
Unhappy♪ 00:29:39
Sword Gai 00:32:19
flying witch 00:34:06
Haifuri (trailer) 00:36:16
Hundred 00:40:12
Joker Game (trailer) 00:43:15
Kiznaiver (trailer) 00:46:52
Space Patrol Luluco 00:54:55
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (trailer) 00:57:42
Kuma Miko 01:04:33
Kuromukuro (trailer) 01:06:09
Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro 01:11:50
Re:Zero 01:14:20
Macross Delta (trailer) 01:16:49
Netoge 01:24:08
Mayoiga (trailer) 1:26:55
Pan de Peace 01:32:40
Sakamoto desu ga? 01:35:35
Super Lovers 01:37:50
Sansha Sanyou 01:40:27
Seisen Cerberus 01:42:17
Twin Star Exorcists 01:44:26
Tanaka-kun 01:47:49
Sailor Moon 01:50:53
Terra Formars (trailer) 01:54:30
Jojo 01:57:00
Sequels 02:02:35

Intro song is Too Good Too Bad by Yoko Kanno + The Seatbelts

Outro song is Tamashii no Rufuran (Jazz cover) by All That Jazz




Mar 10, 2016

There's been so much happening over the past two weeks that we decided to dedicate an entire episode to it. In addition to this, Episode 21 is also a video episode! You can check it out now in glorious 1080p on our Youtube Channel

Full show notes and time-stamps coming soon!

We will be watching the finale of ERASED live on our Youtube channel on Thursday, March 24th at 8PM EST. Please join us then! 

For all you Florida listeners, we will be hosting a panel on counterfeit merchandise at METROCON at Tampa, FL on Friday, July 22nd at 8PM! Check the Metrocon website for further info and details.



Feb 24, 2016

It's been a while! Welcome back for episode 20, it's been a long time since we did one of these and thus we have much to talk about. 

First and foremost, we have an announcement! Thursday, March 24th 2016 at 8PM EST, we will be doing our first live stream event by watching the finale of critically acclaimed anime ERASED. This event will be streamed through our youtube channel, and a promo video for the event with more detailed info is available there so please go watch it and the rest of our wonderful video offerings. 

Now, to business!



  • ERASED / Boku dake ga inai machi
  • Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
  • Haikyuu!!
  • Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash 
  • Dimension W 
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans

Thanks for listening! Here's some important links to follow us on various platform:




Email us at


Jan 27, 2016

Welcome to Oh no, Anime!'s first video podcast! We're on a break from the regular podcast since we're headed over to Japanland. In this video Marc and Patrick discuss what exactly it is they'll be doing while in Tokyo for the next two weeks.

Please note: This is a VIDEO EPISODE. While we've uploaded it so you can listen to us rant, I assure you it is much better to watch us rant! Check it out on YouTube at

Jan 17, 2016

Welcome to episode 19! The winter 2016 season is fresh out tha gate and that means we're finally back to regular episodes. We discuss some news before venturing off into several freeform conversations followed by a lengthy conversation on some of this season's new shows. 




  • Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation
  • Reikenzan 
  • GATE 
  • Prince of Stride 
  • Haruchika 
  • Myriad Colors Phantom World 
  • Lupin III Part 4
  • Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn 
  • Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
  • Dimension W
  • Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash 
  • Luck+Logic 
  • Girls Beyond the Wasteland 
  • Active Raid 


Here's our Facebook and Twitter, please send us an email at if you have anything you want us to talk about on the show or just general comments or questions. See you again in about a month! 

Jan 7, 2016

It's a new year, and we're back with a new episode on new equipment with a new theme song, so much is fresh and new that we can barely contain ourselves. This time around we give you a comprehensive rundown on all the shows airing in the Winter 2016 season. 

Here's what we discuss, in order: 


  • Sushi Police
  • Oji-san to Marshmallow
  • Assassination Classroom
  • Oshiete! Galko-chan
  • GATE 
  • Fairy Tail Zero 
  • Durarara!
  • Nurse Witch Komugi-chan R
  • Koyomimonogatari
  • Ooya-san wa Shinsuki!
  • Akagami no Shirayuki-Hime
  • Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou li Desu Kara

Thanks for listening! Reach us at, @ohnoanime on twitter, or at Our opening theme is Talking by KANA-BOON, and our closing theme this week is Orphans no Namida by MISIA.

Jan 1, 2016

It's time for our first ever year-end retrospective episode! We take a look back at the year in anime that was; what we liked and sometimes what we didn't like. The categories and time stamps are all below for your perusal. Happy new year!


  • 2:18 - Favorite opening 
  • 6:48 - Favorite ending 
  • 11:58 - Favorite male character
  • 16:52 - Favorite female character
  • 23:43 - Favorite voice actor
  • 27:00 - Favorite voice actress
  • 30:48 - Favorite band/musical act
  • 34:18 - Favorite soundtrack 
  • 37:23 - Biggest surprise 
  • 43:39 - Most underrated
  • 51:20 - Biggest disappointment
  • 58:19 - Favorite animation studio
  • 1:04:41 - Favorite overall animation
  • 1:09:49 - Favorite short 
  • 1:18:52 - Favorite OVA
  • 1:21:05 - Favorite movie 
  • 1:31:00 - Favorite adaptation
  • 1:39:23 - Favorite original anime
  • 1:48:00 - Favorite show overall 

Our facebook page is at, twitter @ohnoanime, please email us at if you have questions or comments, or would like us to talk about something on a future episode. Our opening theme was 60 Oku no Tsubasa by Angry Frog Rebirth, our closing theme was Seven Deadly Sins by Man with a Mission.